Welcome to ToffeeTV!

So it’s finally happened. ToffeeTV has finally happened. If you want to find out about us, please visit the About Us section, but the purpose of this blog post is to just announce that this is a big day for us, and we’d love it if you would be part of our experience.

When you start watching the videos, you might see another link to ToffeeTV, called ToffeeTV dot pk. It’s a really long story but the short of it is, that though we started off with just the .pk domain, we’ve moved over to ToffeeTV dot com, though you’ll be able to see us at both sites.

Though we’re using Facebook and a lot of social media tools to spread the awareness about ToffeeTV, we’re not launching an official presence on Facebook itself. Why, you ask? A lot of parents have requested us to do so. Since our target audience is very young, we’d like to step up our protective sirens also. You are, of course, welcome to promote the posts using the widgets on each post (ie: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) but we’re leaving that upto your better judgement.

Please use the Mailing List option so you can keep up with our fresh uploads, and that’s pretty much all we’re asking you to do. Send feedback in the truckloads through the Contact Us form and we promise to keep in touch.

ToffeeTV is still in its Beta version, so while we look forward to hearing from you while we work on fine-tuning and tweaking the user experience.

Enjoy the Tales we’re Wrapping up and serving out to you!

Tales & the Wrapper