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Hello my little Toffees, I’m back with another Tot Batot poem called “Paanch Choohay”, a very famous poem among kids. Tot Batot poems are cute and simple. That’s why my little friend Alina is teaching you these poems slowly and easily! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this poem, so let’s read along and enjoy together!!

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Lyrics of the Poem

Paanch choohay ghar se niklay, karnay chalay shikaar,
1 chooha peechay reh gya, baki reh gaye 4
4 choohay josh m aa kay lagay bajane bheem,
1 choohay ko agai khansi baki reh gye 3
3 choohay dar k bolay ghar ko bhaag chalo,
1 choohay ne baat na mani, baki reh gaye 2
2 choohay phir mil kar bethay, dono he thay naik,
1 choohay ko kha gyi billi, baki reh gya 1
1 chooha jo reh gya baki, karli usne shadi,
Biwi mili usay laraka, yun hui barbadi.

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