ToffeeTV Has a Nokia App!

A lot of you have been writing in asking if we had any plans to go mobile, and it’s finally time to make the announcement – ToffeeTV is available on the Nokia OVI store and you can download us here! If you download and install the App on your Nokia phone, you’ll get the updated songs, stories and activities as we update the website. As you use the app and think of new features you’d like us to add, please feel free to write in ( and share your ideas!

A few hours after putting the App live, Nokia reported almost a thousand downloads so we’re hoping the numbers will just continue to rise! Just a request though – if you download the app and like it, please do rate it online.

We’re extremely grateful to Nokia Pakistan and the developers, Laksol, for their help and assistance in making this happen. Yes, we are truly excited!

Talea Zafar (Chief Illustrator) & Rabia Garib (Chief Wrapper)