ToffeeTV Goes to California!

When the ToffeeTV team was traveling to the US, we reached out to an active community organization, OPEN Silicon Valley, to help us organize a small Kahaani Session with parents who wanted to expose their children to what we did: songs, stories and activities in the Urdu language. Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves in the warm home of Urfa & Firasat Ali, who were exceptionally gracious hosts. There was food and fanfare and we got a chance to perform a story and conduct a singsong with the kids.

The result? Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had the opportunity to share some ideas with the parents as to how we could tweak certain content so as to better help the exposure to the Urdu Language.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to Shahab Riazi and Abdurehman Rafiq from OPENSV for helping us to do this, and a heartfelt thanks to all those who attended!