Minar-e-Pakistan – Coloring Worksheet From Yeh Watan Song

You can learn so much by drawing the landmarks of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad from Yeh Watan Song. Here’s a coloring worksheet of Minar e Pakistan, a famous landmark of Lahore for you to draw and color. All you need to do is fill in […]

Yeh Watan Hai Hamara – Tribute to 14th August – جشن آزادی مبارک

Hello my green Toffees, As you know our Independence Day is coming soon, so I decide to make a patriotic song for it named “Yeh Watan” which share the feeling that Pakistan gives to us! Watch this video and singalong together! And you know what, […]

The World’s Most Famous Lullaby To Make Your Baby Sleep! BEDTIME MUSIC

Hi my little Toffees! I love lullabies from my childhood. Sleepy music, dancing clouds, twinkling stars, a glowing moon and a sweet lullaby playing in the background. It gives such comfort and lovely sleep to your little one. The name of the lullaby is “Ward […]

The Sweetest Lullaby in the Whole Wide World!

Hi my little Toffees! Do you love night lullabies? I know we all love them from our childhood. A moon night, clouds are dancing, stars are shining, the moon is glowing and a sweet lullaby is playing. It gives such comfort and lovely sleep. The […]