Kashu Ki Saalgirah

ToffeeTeller Umair Naeem wrote a story about young Kashu. ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator live illustrated the story as it was being narrated. And that’s how we get a fun-filled ToffeeTV production! So this is a story about Kashu who learns an important lesson. Want to know […]

ToffeeTV Kahaani Time at T2F Sunday April 14th!

Join ToffeeTV back at T2F this Sunday April 14th, 2013 from 12pm to 130pm for a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time that has to do with books! Our Guest Toffeeteller is Drowning Shadows’ author Umair Naeem. Umair will be presenting the story of Kashu and the Magic […]

A 2nd ToffeeTV Kahaani Time at the Mohatta Palace

Saturday March 9th, the ToffeeTV Team gathered at the Mohatta Palace for their second Kahaani Time. Though a very hot day, the shade that the open gardens of the Mohatta Palace offer, decrease the temperature by at least a few degrees. Tension in the recent […]

ToffeeTV at the Karachi Literature Festival 2013!

The ToffeeTV team is thrilled to be part of the upcoming Karachi Literature Festival. We’ll be having performances there on Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th in Beach Luxury’s Tulip Room. Our Saturday lineup has Drowning Shadows’ author Umair Naeem enact an Urdu story he […]