What Can You Do for Climate Change?

Hi Toffees, As we know climate change is no longer a doomsday prophecy, it’s a reality. So that’s why I have made a video for climate change. I mean I just want to make you aware of the effects of climate change and its impacts […]

Ralph Breaks the Internet – the Strongest Dough Character on the Planet!!

Hi, my Darling Toffees, Welcome to my new video of Ralph character that I asked my friend, Kanwal to make. It’s amazing!! Isn’t it? As you know, Ralph is a very famous character of Disney and his movie is going to be released on the […]

LOL Surprise Pet Unwrapping – 3-in-one Surprise!

Hi Toffees, Welcome to my new surprise LOL Surprise doll video, a special 3-in-one episode just for you! I have unwrapped 3 LOL boxes and OMG!! It’s so much fun! I love LOL dolls because they are so cute and adorable. The excitement of unwrapping […]

Barbie: Crushing Candies – Roxy, Caramel & Candy

Hi Toffees, Welcome to my new Barbies – Roxy, Caramel and Candy. They are super genius! You’ll enjoy their humour, these Barbies love playing video games, singing songs, cracking jokes and baking delicious goodies. Caramel and Candy are playing my favourite game, of course it’s […]

Rapunzel Painting Patch – Disney Tangled

Say Hi to the Tangled Princess, Toffees. The Dreamy Princess is here! Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney character I grow up watching. She is full of beauty and cuteness, I love her hairs soo much! Painting Rapunzel was really very fun. I hope […]