Tangram Puzzles: Sleeping Person

Tangram puzzles are super fun! You can make many fun shapes from them! Here’s a Sleeping Person made by Tangram puzzle shapes! Watch and enjoy!! Connect with us through our Facebook page or tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page and @Twitter!! And if you like this video, share […]

Na Shukri

Narrated by Ziad Zafar, here’s an Urdu story about the frogs in a swamp who are unhappy no matter what their situation. Listen to it and share if you have ever felt this way about things in your own life! Check this story out!

How to make a cow (the cow from Uutthpataang on Toffeetv.com)

Want to learn how to make the cow from the song, Uutthpataang? Here it is! Stay tuned to ToffeeTV for more fun songs, stories and activities!

The Ant and the Grasshopper (An Aesop Fable)

A popular Aesop Fable entitled the “Ant and the Grasshopper” – The moral of the story is that we must plan ahead so we can have a comfortable and healthy living Stay tuned to https://toffeetv.com for more songs and stories in Urdu!