10 Facts about Muhammad Ali Jinnah | Fun Facts

Hey guys! My friend Aaminah is back with another super episode of I Betcha Didn’t Know! In this episode, she shares 10 fun facts about the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah! I betcha didn’t know these facts about him! Other Videos You Will […]

Aloo Mian Snapchat Stories: Prank Time | Aloo, Matar & Gajar | آلو میاں کی کہانیاں

Hello my little Toffees, I’m back with another episode of Snapchat stories with Aloo Mian and his friends Matar & Gajar. In this episode, Aloo & Matar is doing a prank with their friend Gajar. Why don’t you say hello to these guys on ToffeeTV’s […]

Excuses Excuses – Best Read Aloud Challenge For Kids – Junior Squad

Hello my little Toffees, Read aloud challenges are fun. “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Reading aloud to children 20 minutes a day can increase a child’s vocabulary by 1,800,000 words per year. But only 15% of parents in this country […]

Haunted House DIY- Halloween Ideas

I love Hotel Transylvania! Mavis is my favorite and I decided to make a miniature haunted house for Mavis Heart because she loves spooky pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and a lots of darkness 🤩 This room has all the frame with memories and her big purple […]

Timelapse Colorful Flower Orbeez Fun – Squishy & Fluffy!

Hello my colorful Toffees! Orbeez are a fun toy that grows magically in water. They are a very fun, unique and can make many things with Orbeez. Today, I will show you how Flower Orbeez will grow in water and how it looks after 48 […]

Ten Green Bottles Sing Along – Nursery Rhyme – Recycle Songs

Hello my little Toffees! I’m back here today with most famous nursery rhyme “Ten Green Bottles” including Ten pink sandals, Ten pineapples, Ten red apples, Ten green apples and ten bluebottles. Watch this beautiful English and Urdu version compilation for kids, learn together with us […]

DIY Pencil Toppers – Back To School – 5 minutes craft

Hello my cute Toffees, Are you guys enjoying back to school? I know wvwry kids wants to back to school, have fun, study hard and meet with friends. So today, I decided to make 3 in 1 Pencil Toppers fun activity video for you guys. […]

Near An Ear, A Nearer Ear, A Nearly Eerie Ear – Tongue Twister Challenge For You!

Hello my little sharp Toffees, I’m back with another Tongue Twister challenge for you which is super tough. That’s why the amazing Amani is going to help you practice so you can say them as fast as she can! Remember my super sweet gum drops: […]

Combined Dot-To-Dot Worksheet of Hickory Dickory Dock – Mouse, Mice & Clock

You can learn so much by drawing the characters from the Hickory Dickory Dock Song. Here’s a combined dot-to-dot worksheet of Hickory Dickory Dock song for you. All you need to do is fill in the form below and have the worksheet emailed to your […]