Aloo Mian Snapchat Stories: Prank Time | Aloo, Matar & Gajar | آلو میاں کی کہانیاں

Hello my little Toffees, I’m back with another episode of Snapchat stories with Aloo Mian and his friends Matar & Gajar. In this episode, Aloo & Matar is doing a prank with their friend Gajar. Why don’t you say hello to these guys on ToffeeTV’s […]

Celebrating ToffeeTV’s 9th Birthday!

Hello my little fans, ToffeeTV has been developing sticky contents for kids since 2010 and now it becomes a 9 years old. ToffeeTV is celebrating it’s 9th birthday and we want you to celebrate with us this entire month of July, 2019! Stay tuned to […]

Baara Mahinay

The story of the 12 months, an old woman and her greedy neighbor. Though we published the original story back in 2011, the ToffeeTV Animation Team decided to redo the video in an animated form.. Hence, here is the story of the 12 Months in […]