Share Our Eid ul Azha Greetings With Your Loved Ones! – Bari Eid Mubarak\عید الاضحی is an special occasion that is a reward from ALLAh for all the Muslims that teaches us patience and sacrifice. On behalf of the teams at ToffeeTV and The New Spaces, I want to wish all our followers and fans a very happy Bakra […]

Dhokay Bazi Ka Anjam – Cheaters Never Prosper!

Hi my little Toffees! I’m back with another moral story “Dhokay bazi ka anjam”. This story teaches you an important lesson: everything has a consequence and cheaters never prosper. Give my video a thumbs up if you love moral stories and SUBSCRIBE to ToffeeTV’s YouTube […]

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Hi Toffees, This is a great Aesop Fable about a boy who cries wolf. There is an important lesson and a great story. Are you as naughty as this boy? Do share and let me know! I love telling stories that’s why I decided to […]