Promo of Comedy Corner

Hi my Precious Toffees! Meet my friend, Bobo Bagshee. He is a standup comedian. He is funny. He is also a puppet. Amazing! Bobo and my other puppet friends are going to start filling up this series called Comedy Corner and will be sharing their […]

Giggles with Ziggy Zag: Episode 5

Giggles with Ziggy Zag are back with another episode, full of silly jokes and fun! If your kids have a joke you want them to add onto the show, you can write to us through our Facebook page or tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page and […]

Giggles with Ziggy Zag: Episode 2

Ziggy Zag are back with some more jokes! Here are the jokes that are used in this episode! What animal cheats at exams? The cheetah! What do you call a sleeping bull? A Bull Dozer! What is a cat’s favorite song? Three Blind Mice Why […]