Why Gumshuda Anguthi Is So Special For Us

Technology is incredible. It helps preserve voices and memories that, at times, are all we have. You may remember our dear friend and Storyteller Mrs. Parveen Kassim passed away – But almost 1.5 years ago, she recorded this for us with two Karachi High School students, […]

گمشدہ انگھوٹی (Gumshuda Anghuthi)

This is a story called Gumshuda Anguthi, part of the Alif Laila Series, and a very special one for the ToffeeTV Team. We recorded the audio for this story with the help of the Karachi High School almost 2 years ago. There are two student […]

Naya Saal Mubarak!

ToffeeTV would like to wish you a Happy New Year with a song we’ve been working on! The lyrics were written to remind us of all the good things that each past year gives us, so that we can look forward to the new one. […]

Aagay Barho!

In Urdu, “Aagay Barho!” means “move ahead”. The phrasing here is someone more significant because it contains the first two letters of the English and Urdu alphabet: A and B, or Aliph and Bey. You’re probably thinking how silly and childish we are for pointing […]