Art-o-Matic: Origami Hen

Join Talea Zafar as she teaches you how to make a hen out of paper! It’s fun and you can make an entire family and a nest for them! Enjoy! You can create a Mother Hen and her chicks and make an entire Mother’s Day […]

Make an Origami Fish! (کاغذ کی مچھلی‬)

Want to learn how to make an Origami Fish? Check out this video because ToffeeTV’s Ayesha Mehmood teaches you how to make a cute little Origami Fish, with all the steps! Enjoy! Oh.. and you know what you need to do this activity? Just a […]

Art-o-Matic: How To Make a Butterfly!

In this episode of Art-o-Matic, Ayesha Mehmood shows you how to make an origami butterfly – All you need is a piece of square paper and follow along! Order ToffeeTV merchandise online at TohfayMall! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids! Click here to download the ToffeeTV app […]

Funogami: Ep 5 – How to Make a Frog

Taha, ToffeeTV’s first child host and 8-year old Myra Asad are back with another episode of Funogami! Taha  teaches you how to make a Frog out of green-colored paper, while Myra stands responsibly behind the camera to capture it all! Check it out and don’t […]

Funogami: Ep 4 – How to Make a Cube

We’ve been so thrilled about Taha being ToffeeTV’s first child host, we even invited a young 8-year old named Myra Asad to help record these episodes and “man” the camera! So this episode of Fun-o-Gami is truly a children’s production! In this episode of Fun-O-Gami, […]

Fun-O-Gami: Ninja Star!

Taha is ToffeeTV’s first child host and we absolutely love him! In this episode of Fun-O-Gami, Taha teaches you how to make a Ninja Star out of paper. Safety tip: Make sure there is adult closeby when you are using scissors. Also, the  Ninja Star itself could […]

Fun-O-Gami: Paper Birds!

ToffeeTV’s first child host, Taha, teaches you how to make a bird out of paper on the 2nd episode of his show called Fun-o-Gami. In this episode, you’ll learn how to make a paper cup! Check it out and let us know what you think! […]

Fun-o-Gami: Make a Paper Cup!

ToffeeTV’s first child host, Taha, kicks off his own show called Fun-o-Gami. This is a show where he demonstrates fun things you can make with the Japanese art of paper folding, Origami. But because it’s in Urdu and so much fun, we call this show, […]