Hotel Transylvania-DIT Mavis’ Room Miniature

I love Hotel Transylvania! Mavis is my favorite and I decided to make a miniature room for Mavis *Heart* I love Mavis because her favorite colors are pink, purple, black aaaannd lots! Lots! LOTS OF SPARKLES! This room has all the frame with memories and […]

Halloween Pencil Toppers!

If there was a way to make your writing a little more spooky so you could help us write spooky, scary stories! But wait! There IS a way! Follow along and find out how you can spend a few minutes and create some spooky pencil […]

Make a Halloween Mask!

Want to make a really simple mask for Halloween? Watch this video as we teach you how to make a really fun one! And if you go Trick-o-Treatin’, be sure and wear this mask to get more candies! Order ToffeeTV merchandise online at Shopdaily! Stay tuned […]