Koshish Ka Nateeja – Try Until You Succeed!

Hi my little Toffees! I love reading stories and sharing their morals with you. That’s why I have made a story called “Koshish Ka Nateeja” which is such a great story. There is an important lesson for all of us: you have to try until […]

مکڑی کا جالا (Makri Ka Jaalaa)

Here’s a fun song written by Nadir’s Dada jee called Makri Ka Jaalaa (Spider’s Web)! The song hopes to teach children how a few different insects travel – some fly, others crawl. As always, if you like the song, be sure and sing along! Lyrics […]

ToffeeTV in Express Tribune’s Hi5!

Express Tribune has a weekly children’s magazine called Hi5 and this week, ToffeeTV has an Activity Column in it! Check it out!   Open publication – Free publishing – More hi five

How to Make the Animated Frog!

ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, shows you how to make simple, 2-frame animation out of your drawings! Check out this frog eating up a bee! If you want the pre-designed template to use with your children, please write to us at info @ toffeetv . […]

Na Shukri

Narrated by Ziad Zafar, here’s an Urdu story about the frogs in a swamp who are unhappy no matter what their situation. Listen to it and share if you have ever felt this way about things in your own life! Check this story out!