Yummy Coffee Milkshake

Make the Most Yummy Coffee Milkshake!

Coffee is awesome and milkshakes are sweet! Here’s what you need to make the most awesome and yummy coffee milkshake in the whole wide world! What You Need A blender, a glass Ingredients 1 cup cold-brewed coffee or chilled strongly brewed coffee 4 giant scoops […]

Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer: Episode 3

Who doesn’t love Cold Coffee!? In this episode of Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer, chef Abeer teaches you how to make a delicious cold coffee Sprinkles & Magic style!! Check out the ingredients and see if you can make it too! And if you do, be […]

Yummy Scrambled Eggs

How To Make Yummy Scrambled Eggs!

Here’s how you can make some yummy scrambled eggs! It takes no time and is really easy to make! What You Need A bowl, a fork, a small pan, a spatula Ingredients 4 eggs, salt, pepper, butter How To Make It Crack 4 large eggs […]