Can You Solve These 6-Second Riddles From the 2019 PSL Series?

Hi Toffees!!! I am a big fan of PSL which is now going on at the National Stadium Karachi. I am so excited for it, that’s why I have made riddles to celebrate season 4 of the PSL series!! So here’s a video! Let me […]

Eid Milan at the Children’s Cancer Hospital

Along with their other rights, every child has the right to a healthy and happy life. But not all of us are so privileged. For the second year in a row, the ToffeeTV team was invited to help lighten up the faces of children and […]

ToffeeTV at T2F on 3rd Day of Eid!

Join ToffeeTV and make your Eid even more fun and “family-full”! Our ToffeeTeller Fawad Khan and the ToffeeTV Team will perform a crazy-fun story to keep you giggling! This will be followed by a group singsong session by Talea Zafar & Rabia Garib! And we […]

Kahaani Time, Garmiyon ka Zamaana! Sunday June 16, 12-1pm at T2F!

Our ToffeeTelellers Hiira Ilyas Bawahab, Hamza Lari and Fawad Khan will perform stories along with a fun, interactive SingSong with Talea Zafar & Rabia Garib! Join us this Sunday, June 16th from 12-1pm at T2F! And we MIGHT just get a chance to listen to […]

3rd & Last ToffeeTV Kahaani Time at NAPA Festival on Sunday April 7th!

The 3rd and last ToffeeTV Kahaani Time taking place as part of the NAPA Festival ’13, will take place this Sunday, April 7th, from 12-130pm! We’re super excited about the second episode of Abjad Nagri, as written by Saji Gul and performed by Hira Ilyas […]

ToffeeTeller Fawad Khan Performs at the Nizamuddin Basti is a digital initiative that develops songs, stories and activities in Urdu and spreads them through the Web and Mobile platforms. Run by Talea Zafar and Rabia Garib from Karachi, Pakistan, ToffeeTV conducts regulard Kahaani Time sessions where storytellers enact out Urdu stories and […]

ToffeeTV Grand Kahaani Time at T2F – Sunday December 30, 2012

Join ToffeeTV on Sunday December 30, 2012 from 12pm to 130pm for a Kahaani Time at T2F! These are our New Year Celebrations and the ToffeeTV team would like to spend time with you! Our Toffeeteller Fawad Khan has a story to make you giggle […]

Kahaani Time with Marina Khan!

Sundays are fun. Especially when we have a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time planned, and this Sunday was no exception! Our friends at T2F always help create such a warm ambiance for our sessions and this week, we had wonderful kids from two remote-area schools – Sooch […]

Join ToffeeTV on Sunday December 2, 2012

Join ToffeeTV on Sunday December 2, 2012 from 12pm to 130pm for a Kahaani Time at T2F! Our Toffeeteller, Fawad Khan will act out a wonderful children’s story, followed by ToffeeTellers Hira Ilyas Bawahab and Hamza Lari presenting some spooky Urdu theater for your children. […]