ToffeeTV Celebrates Life with PECHS Girls School

At the request of Ms Mahenaz Mahmud, the ToffeeTV team conducted a Sing-Along session at the PECHS Girls School to talk about and celebrate Sabeen Mahmud. Here’s the session with all the interaction. This is our tribute to strong, young women everywhere. This is also […]

ToffeeTV at TLF and CLF Lahore!

Look out for ToffeeTV at the upcoming Teacher’s Literature Festival on 27th November and at the Children’s Literature Festival on 28th and 29th November in Lahore! We’ll be talking to teachers and interacting with schools throughout the three days with some exciting activities so be sure […]

ToffeeTV at Karachi Gymkhana, Saturday April 13th, 530-630pm!

The ToffeeTV team is back at the Karachi Gymkhana on the invitation of the Library Committee! From 530pm to 615pm, we’ll be conducting a Kahaani Time and Group Singsong for the parents and children who are members of the Club. Want to know more details? […]

ToffeeTV Goes a’Marchin’ at T2F on March 3rd, 12pm-130pm!

Join ToffeeTV on Sunday March 3, 2013 from 12pm to 130pm for a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time at T2F! We’ve got Mateen Hamza sahib, a wonderful friend of ToffeeTV, preparing a story, along with games and of course, the singsongs! Click here to confirm whether or […]

Kahaani Time at T2F November 4, 2012!

A little birdie by Talea Zafar and Ayesha Mehmood, Mochi ki Kahaani by Hira Ilyas Bawahab, some Pictionary magic on Urdu proverbs by the audience members and a Singsong!! Thank you to all the parents and children who came today! Also, many thanks to Hira Ilyas Bawahab for sharing […]