Beemar Shair – This is why the Lion Lied!

I’m back with another moral story “Beemar Shair”. This story teaches you an important lesson: we can’t hide a lie because the truth will always win! Give my video a thumbs up if you love moral stories and SUBSCRIBE to ToffeeTV’s YouTube channel and be […]

The Bear and the Two Travelers (English)

Aiena Abdul Qadir narrates her first story of “The Bear and the Two Travelers”! If you’d like to listen to the Urdu version of this story, click here!

The Bear and the Two Travelers (Urdu)

Narrated by Ziad Zafar, here’s an Urdu story about a “Friend in need is a friend indeed”. Have you ever run out on your friend when he or she needed you the most? Check this story out!