Let’s Build a Fighter Jet!

Hello my dear Toffees, I am back with another episode of “Let’s Build Stuff” in which I have built a Fighter Jet. It is built out of alloy and aluminium parts and under the supervision of a great General! Remember – safety first when making […]

Art-o-Matic: Vegetable Pipecleaners

In this episode of Art-o-Matic, your hosts Bobo & Tubs show you how to make cool-looking vegetables out of pipecleaners! It’s so easy and too cute! Check it out! And oh, be sure and let us know what you thought of this activity!

How To Make a Falling Stick

ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, shows you how to make simple, 2-frame animation out of your drawings! Check out this falling stick! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids! Click here to download the ToffeeTV app for your Nokia phone! Do you have an […]