Let’s Build a Peace and Loving Cannon!

My Dear Toffees, Let’s Celebrate 23rd March, or Pakistan’s Resolution Day with this Cannon that I have built. It is built out of alloy and aluminium parts and under the supervision of a great General! Remember – Always be safe when making such toys and […]

Hamdardi by Allama Iqbal

Here’s a beautiful poem, “Hamdardi” by Allama Iqbal. ToffeeTV dedicates this video to children everywhere in the hope that they do for their friends, what is described in these lyrics. Take a moment to listen to this when celebrating Iqbal Day (November 9th).

Allama Iqbal Ki Topi

In the past, we’ve taught you how to make Quaid-e-Azam’s cap. In this episode of Art-o-Matic, host Ayesha Mehmood teaches you how to make Allama Iqbal’s cap in just two minutes! All you need is a sheet of Newspaper! Oh, in case you didn’t know, […]