Art-o-Matic: How to Make a Dice

Meet your new hosts for Art-o-Matic, Bobo the cat and Tubs and mouse. In a brand new episode of Art-o-Matic with Bobo & Tubs, Bobo teaches you how to make a dice with some simple items you can find in your home or classroom! Enjoy!  

Funogami: Ep 5 – How to Make a Frog

Taha, ToffeeTV’s first child host and 8-year old Myra Asad are back with another episode of Funogami! Taha  teaches you how to make a Frog out of green-colored paper, while Myra stands responsibly behind the camera to capture it all! Check it out and don’t […]

Funogami: Ep 4 – How to Make a Cube

We’ve been so thrilled about Taha being ToffeeTV’s first child host, we even invited a young 8-year old named Myra Asad to help record these episodes and “man” the camera! So this episode of Fun-o-Gami is truly a children’s production! In this episode of Fun-O-Gami, […]

How Do I Make the Bus and Passengers from Bakri Ki Zidd?

Talea Zafar shows you how you can draw the bus and the passengers from the story, Bakri Ki Zidd! These images have been drawn with water colors and is quite easy to make! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids!