Fun With Orbeez Flower – Fluffy & Squishy!

Hello my colorful Toffees! Orbeez are a fun toy that grows magically in water. They are a very fun, unique and can make many things with Orbeez. Today, I will show you how Orbeez will grow in water and how it looks after 48 hours. […]

Celebrating ToffeeTV’s 9th Birthday!

Hello my little fans, ToffeeTV has been developing sticky contents for kids since 2010 and now it becomes a 9 years old. ToffeeTV is celebrating it’s 9th birthday and we want you to celebrate with us this entire month of July, 2019! Stay tuned to […]

Art-o-Matic: How to Make a Dice

Meet your new hosts for Art-o-Matic, Bobo the cat and Tubs and mouse. In a brand new episode of Art-o-Matic with Bobo & Tubs, Bobo teaches you how to make a dice with some simple items you can find in your home or classroom! Enjoy!  

Fun-O-Gami: Ninja Star!

Taha is ToffeeTV’s first child host and we absolutely love him! In this episode of Fun-O-Gami, Taha teaches you how to make a Ninja Star out of paper. Safety tip: Make sure there is adult closeby when you are using scissors. Also, the  Ninja Star itself could […]