Ten Green Bottles Sing Along

Hi Toffees! I just published a new version my favorite song “Ten Green Bottles” in English. I really enjoyed this song while singing it. I am so sure you’ll dance to this song, so let’s sing and dance together!! Lyrics of song: Ten green bottles […]

دس ھری بوتلیں (Ten Green Bottles)

We got so many emails about the English Ten Green Bottles video we re-did, we also re-worked the Urdu version and here it is! Remember to sing along to the song and let us know if learned how to count the numbers backwards in English […]

10 Green Bottles (New!)

A few years ago, we published a video of 10 Green Bottles in English and Urdu. People liked it so much, we decided to try our hand at creating a new video for both versions of the song. Did you like it? Send us an […]

How Do I Make: the background from ToffeeTV’s 10 Green Bottles?

Want to learn how to make the background in ToffeeTV’s English and Urdu version of 10 Green Bottles? What are you waiting for? Watch this!