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How To Make a Falling Stick

ToffeeTV’s Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, shows you how to make simple, 2-frame animation out of your drawings! Check out this falling stick! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids! Click here to download the ToffeeTV app for your Nokia phone! Do you have an […]

Wheels on the Bus (Urdu Version)

Here is the Urdu version of a popular English song, “Wheels on the Bus”. We sing it as “Bus Kay Payyay Ghoomtay Hain Gol Gol Gol”. We sincerely hope you enjoy it… And if you do, please let us know by writing to us through […]

Celebrating 23rd March with ToffeeTV!

The ToffeeTV Team wanted to share a few of their favorite National songs with children on the special day of 23rd March. A significant day in the history of the country, here is a medley of these brilliant songs… we’re not singing as well as […]

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Urdu Version!)

Here’s the Urdu version of a popular English song called, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. This is such a fun way to teach your kids different parts of the body, and we decided to write and sing the song in Urdu. So here it is, […]

Angootha Chaap & Family: Promo

ToffeeTV proudly presents its first Mini Series called, “Angootha Chaap & Family”. Conceptualized by our Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, the original Mini Series is about Angootha Chaap and his family whose members are: Chishmish, Bubbly, Bhola and Dadi Amma. Watch out for the series on […]

Meray Pass Eik Bakri Hai!

This is ToffeeTV’s version of the popular English rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”! We re-wrote it a bit and call this one, “Meray Pass Eik Bakri Hai!” – Listen to it and see if you like it.. And if you do, then be sure […]

Funogami: Ep 5 – How to Make a Frog

Taha, ToffeeTV’s first child host and 8-year old Myra Asad are back with another episode of Funogami! Taha  teaches you how to make a Frog out of green-colored paper, while Myra stands responsibly behind the camera to capture it all! Check it out and don’t […]

Chappoo Chalaao – The Sing-Along Activity!

ToffeeTV published the Urdu version of Row Row Row Your Boat a few weeks ago, when a school in Karachi contacted us saying their students wanted us to come and “teach them how to sing” Chappoo Chalaao. Since we were going, the team decided that […]