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Mehndi for Eid!

We were thrilled to get our dear Iqra Baji, with a little help from Zaina’s hand, to have her show you a Mehndi design. Mehndi, or Henna, is used to decorate the hands and feet of young girls and women in times of happy occasions. […]

Yeh Watan – A 14th August Special

The ToffeeTV team always tries to create and share songs for the many beautiful occasions we celebrate. Here’s a 14th August special we wrote and produced for as our thank you to all the little people that follow us. And who are all these ‘little […]

Angootha Chhaap & Family – Episode 1

ToffeeTV proudly presents its first Mini Series called, “Angootha Chaap & Family”. Conceptualized by our Chief Illustrator, Talea Zafar, the original Mini Series is about Angootha Chaap and his family whose members are: Chishmish, Bubbly, Bhola and Dadi Amma. Here’s the first episode of the […]

Scien-Twist: Ep 5 – Dancing Raisins

In this episode, Hamza the Scien-Twist demonstrates how to make Raisins Dance!! In order to conduct this experiment at home, you will need: 1 plastic container Baking powder Vinegar You will see stronger convection currents if you use stronger vinegar in a greater quantity. If […]

Scien-Twist: Ep 4 – Cloud in a Bottle

In this episode, Hamza the Scien-Twist demonstrates how to create a Cloud inside a plastic bottle! In order to conduct this experiment at home, you will need: 1 plastic bottle some matches Please be careful when using matches and always make sure there is an […]

Ool Bala by Rumana Husain

Ool Bala is a story written, illustrated and now narrated by Rumana Husain. This is a fantastic children’s story about industrialization, greed and society’s need to have more at the risk of a deteriorating ecosystem around us. Ool Bala has been produced for the web […]

ToffeeTV at the Nokia App Summit 2012!

Because ToffeeTV has an app on the Nokia Store, Nokia Pakistan invited us to take up a stall at their Nokia App Summit 2012, taking place at the Karachi Marriott Hotel on the 16th and 17th of July. We’ve been busy drawing live caricatures, live […]

Apni Bala Doosray Kay Sar!

Here’s a ‘live illustrated” story called “Apni Bala Doosrey Kay Sar”, which literally means ‘making your problems, someone else’s’! A story about a Vixen and a Goat, and how the Vixen fools the goat into stumbling into her problem! The technique we have experimented to […]

Aagay Barho!

In Urdu, “Aagay Barho!” means “move ahead”. The phrasing here is someone more significant because it contains the first two letters of the English and Urdu alphabet: A and B, or Aliph and Bey. You’re probably thinking how silly and childish we are for pointing […]