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Moti Murghi

Ziad Zafar helps to narrate a fun short Urdu story about how you should be happy with what you have, rather than be greedy for what you could have! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids!

How To Draw the Background from Zeb and Haniya’s “Yeh Hansi Kyun?”

Talea Zafar shows you how to draw the background from Zeb and Haniya’s ToffeeTV special,”Yeh Hansi Kyun?”

Poppy’s Kitchen: Chicken Nuggets & Chilli Tomato Ketchup!

So our favorite chef, queen of all things cooking, Chef Poppy records another episode of Poppy’s Kitchen where she teachers kids and parents how to make homemade Chicken Nuggets & Chilli Tomato Ketchup! From start to finish, Chef Poppy makes the cooking look easy and […]

Lal Batti, Lal Batti

Here’s the Urdu version of the popular English song, “Red light, Red light what do you say?”, which teaches children about what the different colors in a traffic light mean.

How Do I Make: the bottles from ToffeeTV’s 10 Green Bottles?

Want to learn how to make the bottles in ToffeeTV’s English and Urdu version of 10 Green Bottles? What are you waiting for? Watch this!

“Yeh Hansi Kyun?”: Zeb and Haniya on ToffeeTV – an Eid Special!

The popular Pakistani jazz duo, Zeb and Haniya, dedicated a special song for ToffeeTV fans called “Yeh Hansi Kyun?” Though originally sang on another theme, we’ve tried to tell a story of a small boy who wonders how the world can be so happy when […]