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ToffeeTV Goes to a Behbud School!

Ms. Rehana Alam works with the Bahbud Schools, and happened to attend a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time during the recent Karachi Literature Festival. These are children who come from houses that have an income of Rs.3,000 a month. She was kind enough to invite us to […]

مچھلی کا بچّھ (Machli Ka Bachaa)

Here’s ToffeeTV’s version of a very popular Urdu poem called “Machli Ka Bachaa”. This poem is about the circle of life. Traditionally, the poem doesn’t have a tune or any music, but we thought it might be nice to give such sweet words, some musical […]

Pahaar Jisey Chirrya Achi Lagti Thi

Here’s a wonderful story that our mentor, Wasima Husain, narrated for us. A story that talks about just how long it takes to create greenery and a place where plant life and animals can call home. The story, originally published by The Book Group in […]

ToffeeTV Goes a’Marchin’ at T2F on March 3rd, 12pm-130pm!

Join ToffeeTV on Sunday March 3, 2013 from 12pm to 130pm for a ToffeeTV Kahaani Time at T2F! We’ve got Mateen Hamza sahib, a wonderful friend of ToffeeTV, preparing a story, along with games and of course, the singsongs! Click here to confirm whether or […]

ToffeeTV Kahaani Time, Saturdays at the Mohatta Palace!

The Mohatta Palace is perhaps one of the most brilliant historical landmarks in Pakistan – it certainly is one of the most beautiful ones! And we’re thrilled to have so much culture around the ToffeeTV Kahaani Time that we’re going to be conducting at the […]

ToffeeTV at the Karachi Literature Festival 2013!

The ToffeeTV team is thrilled to be part of the upcoming Karachi Literature Festival. We’ll be having performances there on Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th in Beach Luxury’s Tulip Room. Our Saturday lineup has Drowning Shadows’ author Umair Naeem enact an Urdu story he […]

مکڑی کا جالا (Makri Ka Jaalaa)

Here’s a fun song written by Nadir’s Dada jee called Makri Ka Jaalaa (Spider’s Web)! The song hopes to teach children how a few different insects travel – some fly, others crawl. As always, if you like the song, be sure and sing along! Lyrics […]

The Umm Nyum Nyum Song

This is our special Umm Nyum Nyum Song and a song that teaches children the names of some fruits! Why have we called it the Umm Nyum Nyum Song? Well, our giggling squad loves fruit so much, if you listen closely to them during the […]

Writing and Speaking: Numbers in Urdu

ToffeeTV brings another fun way to help learn writing numbers in Urdu! Many parents often write to us asking for material such as this and we thought we’d splash some paint and get the numbers going! So here you are, numbers in Urdu, spoken and […]