Kahaani Time and Poppy’s Kitchen at T2F: Wow!!

Lots of things happened on September 25, 2011. One of these “things” was when more than 75 people gathered at T2F to listen to a story told by Sania Saeed. The ToffeeTV team put together a Kahaani Time, a storytelling session where we wanted to get one simple SOS message across: Save Our Stories! Storytelling is a beautiful art that seems to be absent from these times when television, internet and noise has taken over our lives. Clutter when our children sleep and when they wake up and nobody has a chance to enjoy a quiet time of sharing a story or a song.

A group of 75 people consisting of children, parents, grandparents and writing enthusiasts gathered to listen to our storyteller, Sania Saeed, and we were thrilled. Chef Poppy Agha, from Dawn News’ A Taste of Fusion and ToffeeTV’s Poppy’s Kitchen, put together two nutritional dishes with little assistants and fed the entire army of hungry kids!

Please browse through this website for more fun songsstories and activities for kids! Once again, you can download ToffeeTV content onto your Nokia phones through the Nokia App we have. We’re also going to be making an announcement of the ToffeeTV app for the Apple iPhone shortly, so hang on for that. Here are a few photographs from the event


Once again, thank you for showing up and thank you for being as great as you were! A special thank you to Sania Saeed, Poppy Agha & Fakhira, Sabeen Mahmud and the T2F staff for their support!

Remember, Save Our Stories!

Rabia Garib (Wrapper) & Talea Zafar (Illustrator)