Celebrating Loved Ones

On April 24, 2018, Mahenaz Mahmud invited the ToffeeTV team was invited to PECHS Girls School. The significance of the invitation and performance was so great: to share messages about friendship, grief and loss. We conducted the event as a celebration of Sabeen Mahmud’s life, in memory of her for everything she was and stood for. It is so important to appreciate people we love and care about, everyday. Friends, siblings, teachers, parents, relatives… everyone deserves our goodness and kindness all the time. To paraphrase a quote from a friend: live in the moment because it isn’t going to come back once it has gone. Celebrate people all the time. This the best way to keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds.

The students were awesome, to say the least. We loved talking to them, learning from them, laughing and joking with them and singing together. Here are just a few photographs from the gathering, and we will keep updating more photos and videos.

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