ToffeeTV CEO Signs a Message!

Take a look at ToffeeTV’s CEO, Talea Zafar, signing an important message. A special shout out to the team at DeafReach for the opportunity to sign it!     Post by ToffeeTV.

ToffeeTV Session #3 at Mohatta Palace!

Here’s the video from ToffeeTV’s 3rd session at the Mohatta Palace on January 23, 2015. The theme was “Explore Our World” and we had Hira Ilyas Bawahab narrate the much-loved story of Podna Podni, had a fun SingAlong session followed by a thrilling Treasure Hunt […]

ToffeeTV Goes to KHS!

ToffeeTV often goes to schools to conduct fun activities. Here was a recent visit we made to Karachi High School – Watch a summary of what happened there! If you are a school and wish to book a ToffeeTV session, please contact us at […]

How Could ToffeeTV Help Children Learn?

Tehmina is the Curriculum Coordinator with The Educators (A Beaconhouse School Project) in Lahore. She shared just why ToffeeTV will help students and teachers if included into the curriculum – Check it out! Post by ToffeeTV.

Why Teach Kids Urdu? Fans Explain!

Why is it important for kids to learn Urdu? Some ToffeeTV fans dropped by our Photobooth at the Creative Karachi Festival and shared some thoughts! Write to us and let us know what your thoughts are by writing to us through our Contact Form!   […]

Principal Shagufta Loves ToffeeTV!

Shagufta Abbas is the Principal of a non-profit school called The Aman School. Here’s what she had to say after attending a ToffeeTV Session at the recent Teacher’s Literature Festival in Lahore! Do you use ToffeeTV? Write to us and let us know how! Post […]

Creative Karachi Festival Was Fun!!

The T2F team organized an incredible Creative Karachi Festival where they stuffed the best and most loved creative groups and stalls at the Alliance Francaise on the 29th and 30th of November – We’re so glad that ToffeeTV was invited to provide some great, live […]

Aasma Mehmood, Lahore Lyceum Teacher

Here’s what Aasma Mehmood, a teacher with the Lahore Lyceum, had to say about the ToffeeTV session she attended at the Teacher’s Literature Festival in Lahore! Post by ToffeeTV.