Trivia App Review

I love games. I love apps and how many cool things you can learn from them. Trivia is when you are quizzed on general facts or things. Trivia is the concept of general knowledge. I found a fun game that you must try. Trivia Crack […]

ToffeeTV Live on YouTube!

Our playlist today includes songs mixed with episodes of Ziggy Zag and Rainbow Loomin’! Join in live to watch all the shows and enjoy all the songs! Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can be notified for future live broadcasts!! 

ToffeeTV Songs and Stories Live on YouTube!

Watch endless hours of ToffeeTV Songs and Stories Live! Here’s today’s playlist! Hurry and log in to watch! Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can be notified for future live broadcasts!! 

ToffeeTV’s 8th Birthday

ToffeeTV has been in business for 8 years today! Hoorayy!! We’re super happy to kick off our year with a great team of people without whom, this could not have been possible. We’d like to thank the community from countries near and far, who visit […]

5 Tips to Beat the Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat!

It’s hot! So hot, you could fry an egg on the open road. But you know what? It’s hot for everyone and all God’s creatures, so when you think of ways to cool yourself down, here are somethings you can do to help everyone beat […]

5 Health Benefits of Fasting

Allah has created a model of the ideal lifestyle through the Prophet (S.A.W). He has also made fasting obligatory and deemed it as a pillar of Islam because it certain benefits. Especially for young children, the act of fasting may not be easy but it […]

Ramzan Mubarak!

Ramzan is definitely a special time for families all around the world! Patience, tolerance and equality are just some of the lessons that are reinforced during the month! You’ll find a number of stories relating to the various lessons of Ramzan being published on the […]

Testimonial: Faryal Laghari

ToffeeTV runs competitions and fun interactions for its fans. In a recent live video we conducted with ‘Main aur Tum’ author, Ruqayya Diwan Adamjee, a ToffeeTV fan, Faryal Laghari, participated in the competition and won herself an autographed book! Here’s what Faryal had to say […]