Dot-to-Dot Worksheet of Minar-e-Pakistan

You can learn so much by drawing the landmarks of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad from Yeh Watan Song. Here’s a dot-to-dot worksheet of Minar-e-Pakistan to draw and color. All you need to do is fill in the form below and have the worksheet emailed to […]

Yeh Watan Hai Hamara – Tribute to 14th August – جشن آزادی مبارک

Hello my green Toffees, As you know our Independence Day is coming soon, so I decide to make a patriotic song for it named “Yeh Watan” which share the feeling that Pakistan gives to us! Watch this video and singalong together! And you know what, […]

The Sweetest Lullaby in the Whole Wide World!

Hi my little Toffees! Do you love night lullabies? I know we all love them from our childhood. A moon night, clouds are dancing, stars are shining, the moon is glowing and a sweet lullaby is playing. It gives such comfort and lovely sleep. The […]

Friends in Bakery Sing Along

Hi Toffees, Here is an awesome video of Barbie game songs that is going to have you snapping your fingers! I love singing over and over again! Roxy, Caramel and Candy made these amazing songs I can’t stop singing whenever I listen to them! Come […]

Galaxy Slime-DIY-Sparkles *Fluffy* *Blue* *Sparkles*

Galaxy colors are just love and more fluffy love! I chose my favourite galaxy colors to make my slime more attractive and cute because blue always goes so crazy!! My favourite part of making this was showering colorful sparkles over the galaxy slime. It was […]

Ramzan Series: Spread The Goodness

The holy month of Ramzan is about to end. This month comes in every year to remind the Muslims to turn to Allah and gather the blessings He showers us with. This Ramzan, let us all urge to perform deeds in accordance to Allah’s commands […]