Vanellope from Ralph breaks the internet – The Cutest Dough Character on Universe!!

Hi Toffees, Welcome to my new video of Vanellope character that I asked my friend, Kanwal Tauseef to make. It’s so cute!! Isn’t it? As you know, Vanellope is a very famous character of Disney because of her cuteness and adorable looks. I love her […]

Galaxy Slime-DIY-Sparkles *Fluffy* *Blue* *Sparkles*

Galaxy colors are just love and more fluffy love! I chose my favourite galaxy colors to make my slime more attractive and cute because blue always goes so crazy!! My favourite part of making this was showering colorful sparkles over the galaxy slime. It was […]

Ramzan Series: Spread The Goodness

The holy month of Ramzan is about to end. This month comes in every year to remind the Muslims to turn to Allah and gather the blessings He showers us with. This Ramzan, let us all urge to perform deeds in accordance to Allah’s commands […]