Reddie the Mushroom

Here’s an English story written by Salaina Haroon about a Mushroom named Reddie and how the town found him a friend so he could share! In this story, you’ll find the names of a lot of vegetables and fruits!

Moti Murghi

Ziad Zafar helps to narrate a fun short Urdu story about how you should be happy with what you have, rather than be greedy for what you could have! Stay tuned to ToffeeTv for more fun songs, stories and activities for kids!

Na Shukri

Narrated by Ziad Zafar, here’s an Urdu story about the frogs in a swamp who are unhappy no matter what their situation. Listen to it and share if you have ever felt this way about things in your own life! Check this story out!

The Bear and the Two Travelers (English)

Aiena Abdul Qadir narrates her first story of “The Bear and the Two Travelers”! If you’d like to listen to the Urdu version of this story, click here!

The Bear and the Two Travelers (Urdu)

Narrated by Ziad Zafar, here’s an Urdu story about a “Friend in need is a friend indeed”. Have you ever run out on your friend when he or she needed you the most? Check this story out!

Khargosh aur Kachwa Ki Kahani!

The Urdu version the popular Aesop’s Fable of the “Hare and the Rabbit”, here’s Khargosh and Kachwa! Stay tuned to for more fun songs and stories!