Barish Song *Rain* *Weather* *Clouds*

Hi Toffees, This is my favorite song about rain and singing along is so much fun! I made this song because I love rain, rainy weather, the smell of the sand and cold fluffy clouds! Everyone wants HAPPINESS, No one wants PAIN, But you can’t […]

The Fruit Song

Fruits are lovely, foods are neat, fruits are all I want to eat… Just as long as I know but their names are! This is the song I wrote that teaches you the different types, names, and characteristics of different fruits. The song is fluffy […]

UNICORN GALAXY – Super Cute Dream Land – Love Unicorns!

Watch a super cute, super cool world made up of unicorns! If you love unicorns, you will love this video!! Like ToffeeTV on Facebook, Follow our Instagram feed, Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss another update!

A Patriotic Song for Pakistan by ToffeeTV: Yeh Watan

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah expressed that only through hard work will we be able to make Pakistan stronger. Our version of a national song was inspired with those words. With a little help of friends of ToffeeTV, we were able to produce a beautiful version […]

Learning Urdu Spellings Through Songs

Here is a collection of 3 popular songs on ToffeeTV which teach you spellings with visual associations. The songs in this collection are: Aaloo Mian, Chappoo Chalaao and Naya Saal! Check it out and let us know what you think! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! […]

چنا منا دو چوزے تھے

For many of its productions, the ToffeeTV team aspires to create songs out of traditional Urdu poems, in an effort to make the Urdu more fun and enjoyable. Chunna Munna Do Choozey They has some great lyrics, but before now, didn’t have a song. So […]

The Mother’s Day Song

Here’s a Mother’s Day Special that the ToffeeTV team has put together – A dedication to the special and wonderful “mutters” everywhere! Lyrics: Alif sey Ami, Meem sey Mama, Yey sey yeh hamari hain (x2) Ami jab hansti hain tho, sub kuch bilkul acha lagta […]

5 Little Monkeys – German and Urdu!

You probably know this rhyme in English, but the ToffeeTV team takes a little help from young Tara, to teach this song to you in German.. and Urdu! Enjoy!!

I’m a Little Teapot (German)

Alongside the English, Urdu and Sindhi versions of I’m a Little Teapot, here is young Tara singing the German version of the nursery rhyme! Can you sing along with her? Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne Kurz und Stout Hier ist mein Griff und hier ist […]