Kids Can Teach You Counting!

A whole bunch of wonderful kids helped ToffeeTV to put together this great counting video! See if you can count along with us! A special thank you to all the parents who took the time to spend that awesome afternoon with us!

Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer – Promo

Sprinkles & Magic is a brand new show on ToffeeTV where young Chef Abeer teaches you some fun snacks and desserts you can make and bake on your own! Check it out!! Connect with us through our Facebook page or our tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page!

Hamdardi by Allama Iqbal

Here’s a beautiful poem, “Hamdardi” by Allama Iqbal. ToffeeTV dedicates this video to children everywhere in the hope that they do for their friends, what is described in these lyrics. Take a moment to listen to this when celebrating Iqbal Day (November 9th).