ToffeeTV Goes to California!

When the ToffeeTV team was traveling to the US, we reached out to an active community organization, OPEN Silicon Valley, to help us organize a small Kahaani Session with parents who wanted to expose their children to what we did: songs, stories and activities in […]

New Website Launched!

We’re thrilled about the new website we’ve been working on! A special thank you to Talha Ghafoor and his brilliant team for working so quickly to ensure the YouTube ban doesn’t impact us. We’ll revert back to YouTube once things settle down in the country, […]

ToffeeTV at the Nokia App Summit 2012!

Because ToffeeTV has an app on the Nokia Store, Nokia Pakistan invited us to take up a stall at their Nokia App Summit 2012, taking place at the Karachi Marriott Hotel on the 16th and 17th of July. We’ve been busy drawing live caricatures, live […]

Aagay Barho!

In Urdu, “Aagay Barho!” means “move ahead”. The phrasing here is someone more significant because it contains the first two letters of the English and Urdu alphabet: A and B, or Aliph and Bey. You’re probably thinking how silly and childish we are for pointing […]

ToffeeTV & Sania Saeed at Kokan Park

There is a beautiful outdoor space in Karachi called Kokan Park. This wonderful park has a group of caring people from around its neighborhood, who come together to form a committee. This committee engages in activities for the families and residents of the areas around […]

Recycling Sunday at T2F

Two Sundays a month, the ToffeeTV team continues to its Kahaani Time events at T2F. This Sunday, Talea Zafar inspired the theme of Recycling, which is why we invited television personality and Guest ToffeeTeller Sania Saeed to read Rumana Hussain’s written, “Kala Bhooth”. The ToffeeTV […]

Dawn Features ToffeeTV

The team from dropped by the Toffee Factory and did a wonderful video feature on us! A special thank you for them since their timing coincided with our milestone of crossing 1 million views on our YouTube channel! Here’s the clip they published about […]

Fridge Magnets and a Social Cause

ToffeeTV has taken up its second social cause: the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi. As part of our first awareness building activity, we’re raising funds through proceeds generated through sale of Father’s Day fridge magnets. You can buy these for Rs.100 at Espresso outlets in […]