Saving the Butterflies

Shireen Abdullah is a butterfly conservationist, who has been conserving butterflies for the past 10 years. Shireen stopped by the ToffeeTV Studios to conduct a live-session of how a butterfly is formed. In this session, Shireen tells us about the lifecycle of a butterfly. She […]

Giggles with Ziggy Zag – Episode 8

In this episode of Giggles with Ziggy Zag, both the zebras have a lot of jokes to share with you… boy are these guys funny! Zag: Which is the most talkative flower ? Zag: Tulipp because it has two lips Ziggy/Zag: Chatterboxes Zag: what has […]

Rainbow Loomin’ with Tara – Episode 5

In this episode of Rainbow Loomin’ with Tara you will learn how to make a loom band without the loom itself! All you need are: the bands 2 pencils a friend to make the band for! Enjoy! And oh, if you follow along and make […]

Rainbow loomin’ with Tara – Episode 4

Learn how to make a Loom Band with a Dragon Scale technique! Tara teaches you how to make your own friendship bands in so many different techniques! When you make your own band using this technique, share a photograph with us on our Facebook page!

Giggles with Ziggy Zag: Episode 7

Ziggy and Zag have some fresh, new funny jokes for you on this episode of Giggles with Ziggy Zag! Here are the jokes from this episode! Joke 1 Why was the cow sad? Because she had no kids? No! Because she couldn’t go to the […]

Bookmarked Movie Reviews – Ep 5

In this episode of Bookmarked Movie Reviews, Tara the host tells you about movies that… you guessed it! Are all about Time Travel!! Check it out! Now!!!!! You can write to Tara through our Facebook page or tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page and @Twitter!! Let your feedback and […]

Ziggy Zag wish you a Merry Christmas

Ziggy and Zag would like to wish all their friends and followers around the world, a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe, sing lots of carols and remember to giggle lots!! Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page!

Seasons Greetings from ToffeeTV!

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to everyone from all of us here at ToffeeTV! Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or tag us @toffeetvpk on our Instagram Page!  

Sprinkles & Magic with Abeer: Episode 4

Ice Cupcakes are too cool to miss out on! Watch Chef Abeer teach you how to make Ice Cupcakes!! You have to post us photographs of your treats when you make them… and while you enjoy them! And if you do make them, be sure and […]