Allah has created a model of the ideal lifestyle through the Prophet (S.A.W). He has also made fasting obligatory and deemed it as a pillar of Islam because it certain benefits. Especially for young children, the act of fasting may not be easy but it is something that we condition our bodies and minds to over a long time. It is important to remember that fasting is not just restriction from eating and drinking during  the day – it is also controlling your thoughts, actions, words, practicing patience, tolerance and thinking of doing good deeds during this time. Fasting, in short, is about ensuring equality amongst everyone.

But fasting has many health benefits. In fact, here are 5 health benefits that come with fasting:

Diet Control
Fasting from 8-12 days can actually be good for you. Not only does it help you to exert control over the temptation of food, it allows you to plan what you eat better. It will also help to cleanse your body of toxins which come from eating unhealthy. When we stop eating for a few hours, our immune system gets a rest allowing our body to better fight infections. It also reduces the chances of unhealthy cells growing in our bodies.

Faster Metabolism
Fasting makes your metabolism go faster. This means that your digestive system gets a break and is able to burn calories faster, resulting in a further reduction of weight. Fasting has also shown to help lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Better, Healthier Eating
Fasting improves hunger and eating patterns by regulating our hormones so we are able to better control hunger and binge eating.

More Energy
When there is no food in the body, the body makes more space for energy. Fasting is a process by which we can attain self-enlightenment through the likes of meditation, prayer and yoga. With a lighter body, we become more aware of our surroundings and are more grateful towards God.

A Healthier Mind
Fasting helps improve your brain function. For people who suffer from neurological ailments such as Alzheimer’s, fasting can also help to better condition the mind to be sharper and clearer.

These are just a few health benefits of fasting. What do you think?