Here are 10 ways to use your Eidi! Yes! It’s almost Eid! Ok this lovely occasion, I wanted to share fun and amazing ideas for what you can do with the Eidi you receive, creatively and efficiently!

As you know, after a month of Fasting, it is a tradition for children to receive rewards and gifts from their elders. This is what we call ‘Eidi’. Parents, older siblings, aunts and uncles will give colorful envelopes of money to children. The idea behind Eidi is to give children the incentive to fast throughout the month. While fasting teaches kids about tolerance, patience, sharing and caring, we need to create an environment so children maintain this behavior throughout the year. Earning Eidi is great, but it is important that we apply what we learn through Fasting, in sharing, saving or investing our Eidi throughout the year.

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