Hi Toffees,

My new set design is, Barbie Bakery! This was so much fun making it and guess what, now barbie can actually play in it too. How cool is that! To make this set I have used daily items you probably have them in your school supplies, crafts supplies and if not, don’t worry because these are available in stationery stores too. *High5*
This Bakery set is for Roxy (Barbie). She is great at baking cakes, cupcakes, catering parties, birthdays, and festivity.

Roxy loves ice-creams, toffees, candy, swirl cakes, frostings of many types with lots of sparkles.

This Barbie Bakery will help Roxy enter the Big Bake Off this year *YAY*

Roxy has some amazing ideas too. Stay tuned for some new episodes of Roxy.

Meanwhile, enjoy Hotel Transylvania Mavis’ Room DIY Dollhouse videos:

Happy Halloween,

BARBIE BAKERY-DIY-Dollhouse Miniature *Cupcakes* *Toffees* *Ice-creams* *Yum*.

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