Meet Tah the Snow Leopard and his friends. Find out why the snow leopard is becoming extinct from the mountainous areas across Pakistan. Learn a rap song that helps to remember that all of us need to help save this beautiful creature in getting it’s habitat back. And in this video, you’ll also meet Eeshan, a young girl who demonstrates what each one of us can do to help the Snow Leopard come back to it’s home.

Here are the lyrics of the little rap song to help you sing along!

His head is small
His fur is thick
His eyes are colored grey
His tail is long
As we sing this song
And his ears are small and round

He’s got spots on his forehead
On his legs and on his tail
His paws are wide
To help him climb
The mountains oh so high

He’s on the Endangered Species list
Pay attention all of you,
If we don’t act now, he’ll disappear
Never ever, to be found.
If we don’t act now, he’ll disappear
Never ever to be found.

Every little bit matters. Play your part. Be responsible. 

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