I love games. I love apps and how many cool things you can learn from them. Trivia is when you are quizzed on general facts or things. Trivia is the concept of general knowledge.

I found a fun game that you must try. Trivia Crack is a fun way to learn and test your knowledge. You can also compete with friends. You can play with random people or Facebook friends. What I like about Trivia Crack is there are two different types of modes: classic and challenge. The classic mode puts you in a game with either a friend or a unknown opponent.  In the game you are asked question from six different categories: art, sports, science, geography, history and entertainment. The categories are randomly selected by a spinner.

The challenge feature allows you to play with multiple players, there are twelve questions; the player to answer all twelve questions wins. To win you have to play a lot and gain experience.  Playing for long will result in getting more difficult questions. Teens and adults both are encouraged to play this game. With this game you can challenge your friends and play with them too see whos better, this game is lots of fun and educational at the same time.

You can install Trivia Crack on iOS or Android.