In this episode of Giggles with Ziggy Zag, both the zebras have a lot of jokes to share with you… boy are these guys funny!

Zag: Which is the most talkative flower ?
Zag: Tulipp because it has two lips
Ziggy/Zag: Chatterboxes

Zag: what has four wheels and flies?
Zag: A garbage truck!

Zag: What do you call a fly when it retires ?
Zag : A Flueeee
Ziggy: Thats Funnyy

Ziggy: I got one for you, Where do fish saves their money ?
Zag: Ammmm in the mermaid’s house ?
Ziggy: No No No , In the river bank
Zag: Thats Funnyyyy
Ziggy/Zag: Gamuchi gogai

Zag: What do you get from a nervous cow ?
Zag: No, you get milkshake!
Ziggy/Zag: Yaaaa its Yummy for my tummy

Zag: What do you give a dog for a fever?
Ziggy: Potty lessons ?
Zag: Noo Mustard, Because its a best thing for a HOT DOG, Get it get it get it ?
Ziggy: Yess i get it, when a dog gets a fever then its a Hot dog
Ziggy/Zag: ooo yummy for my tommy.