Did you know we have a Printables category which contains artwork and templates from ToffeeTV’s videos and craft activities? You can use these in your classrooms or for activities in your home. If you subscribe to ToffeeTV’s packages, you get:

  • access to watch complete duration of ToffeeTV Videos;
  • watch all categories of videos (ie: songs, stories, activities and learn videos);
  • access to download printables (free!);
  • printables section requires a separate account registration with ECWID so you can manage a shopping cart, but this is free. By registering, you will stay updated with how many downloads you have done and in case we upload things which are paid, you can buy them through the same shopping cart!

Remember, access to ToffeeTV’s website is less than $1/month! Come join the fun! Click here to register yourself and see our subscription packages!