Part of ToffeeTV’s Counting Series, join us and learn counting in Urdu! This episode has to do with number 2 in Urdu! It teaches you the names and number of different objects on the screen!

Remember, you can only see a 30-second demo of this. If you wish to see the complete video, please register yourself with one of our subscription plans!


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  1. I just happened upon this page and found it very interesting.I am a voluteer teacher at a school for underprivelge children,The Garage School.I would love to know more about your initiative.Your channel is not available on our TV.Is it possible for me to have access to your programms through your fb page?These little kids need to have a regular audio-visual experiance,to be able to relate to the concepts taught in school.Living in poverty and squallar,their only entertainment is watching those awful soaps and trashy shows on TV.I would really appreciate any suggestions,which would enable me to use your programms as an audio-vishual aid for my kids.Thank you so much,Samina Lotia

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