Technology is incredible. It helps preserve voices and memories that, at times, are all we have. You may remember our dear friend and Storyteller Mrs. Parveen Kassim passed away – But almost 1.5 years ago, she recorded this for us with two Karachi High School students, Sarim Khan and Hiba Nasir. It is one of the last recordings we have of someone so special and it took us the longest time and lots of tears to put this together. It’s not the best quality recording and that’s because despite the coughing fits she had in the middle, she insisted that we get through the recording that day. A day the team remembers quite well.

Stories live beyond people and beyond generations. The characters and voices may change but plots seldom do. We get rewarded in many ways for the work we do here at ToffeeTV but there is no greater reward than to help our little audience members remember.

If you do watch the video, please say a small prayer for our dear Mrs. Kassim. We miss her so very much and this is all we can do to share a beautiful person’s talent with all of you.

Gumshuda Anguthi.


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