Registrations for the ToffeeTV Winter Workshops are now open so read the details on the three workshops we have ongoing this Winter Season, and register using the form below!

ToffeeTV Production Workshops
We’re teaching young children how to produce stop-motion animation videos from start to finish! Over a 4-day workshop of 1.5 hours each, children will be taught how to create storyboards, props, use their voices and produce a complete Stop-Motion Animation video which will be published on!

Production Workshop: 4-Day Course
Duration: 1.5 hours per day (Total 6 hours of study)
Starts: December 20th
Cost: Rs.8,000* per person
Age Group: 8-14 years


ToffeeTV Bawarchikhana Workshops
After a successful run where ToffeeTV’s Chef Juhi trained young chefs, we’re now offering workshops for an older age group. So whether you are a student or a young parent, this course is for you!

Workshop One: 1-Day Crash Course
Students will learn how to make fondant and decorating techniques, and then create themes based on their learning the next day!
Duration: 4 hours
Starts:December 20th
Cost: Rs.8,000* per person

Workshop Two: 2-Day Course Same learning as above, except everything happens across two days!
Duration: 1.5 hours per day
Starts: December 20th
Cost: Rs.7,000* per person

Click here to download the flyer with the details!

*Group discounts available



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