The Urdu version of Hickory Dickory Dock is a rhyme known as “Choo Choo Chaa Chaa”. As with many English-Urdu songs and rhymes on, we gave our own tune and style to this poem, and addedd a few verses to it as well! The lyrics for this song will be made available in Urdu and Roman Urdu in the Printables section of the website so do check back later!

In the meanwhile, enjoy Choo Choo Chaa Chaa and let us know how you liked the video!

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  1. wasima husain

    I love this song as the translation teaches the kids genders too. Most of our children do not know the word “chooeya”, so for me it is a great start to teach animal families/plurals. Wow! the music is catchy and the verses are simple. Now I need the words.

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  3. Thanks a lot for the choo choo chaa chaa song and its video. i loved it 🙂 I usually present it as a lullaby to my cross-cultural friends. Sharing this video makes it easier to teach the lyrics and the meaning. Much appreciated and many thanks.

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